PGR Podcast

PGR Podcast (Coming soon!)

Aim of the podcast:


  • Bring a wider audience into contact with the kinds of issues that drive the research of our postgraduate students.
  • Provide a platform for early researchers to have more experience in public engagements and cultivate their abilities to contribute to public debate in their fields of research.
  • Enhance the academic experience of postgraduate students.
  • Provide a platform for peer-support.

Submission guideline:


  • We welcome submissions from all Stirling postgraduate research students of the following categories:
  1. Audio/video podcast on topics broadly related to presenter’s area of research.
  2. Audio/video podcast on tips/advice regarding academic skills, i.e., how to survive a viva.
  3. Audio/video podcast about your experience as a postgraduate student.

NB: 10-15 minutes long per episode (please focus on only one question per episode) and you are welcome to plan a series with multiple episodes.

  • The procedure:

Step I: Write a pitch about your presentation, including:

1.A brief introduction of yourself, what you are researching on

2.The topic of your podcast and a brief description

3.How many episodes you plan to give and whether you intend it to be a monologue/dialogue, audio/video

  • Step II: Once accepted you will be contacted. You will be offered the opportunity to make the recording at PGR zone (with or without an audience), and if you wish, to turn it into a mini public lecture during lunchtime. Otherwise, you can make the recordings on your own and send it to us.

Step III: We will upload the episode to PGR YouTube channel and it will also be made available on university website.